How to change the site logo

The Noon Block theme allows you to easily customize your site’s logo using the Site Logo block. The logo block is highly flexible and can accommodate regular image files as well as SVGs for superior resolution, performance, and style variation.

Changing the Site Logo

  1. Navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Editor.
  2. Click on the existing logo (which is a default image block).
  3. Click Replace, then click Open Media Library.
  4. Here, you can upload a new logo image. Once you have selected or uploaded your new logo, click Select.
  5. If you want your logo to link to a specific URL, click on the link ? icon in the block toolbar, enter the URL (e.g.,, and click the apply button (⏎).
  6. Save your site changes to make the new logo appear on your website.

You can see the steps above in the screen recording below:

Using SVG Logos

By default, WordPress does not support SVG uploads. To enable SVG uploads, you will need to install a plugin like the Safe SVG plugin. Once the plugin is activated, you can upload SVG images.

To enable SVG uploads for your site, you will need to install the Safe SVG plugin since WordPress doesn’t support this by default. Once the plugin has been activated, you will be able to upload SVG images. Upload your logo to the Media Library and then deactivate the plugin if no longer required.