DimaBlocks AI

Boost WordPress content creation with our ChatGPT-powered plugin.

Use AI power straight from your WordPress Editor

Experience the seamless integration of Blocks AI in your WordPress Editor. Its user-friendly interface allows for engaging AI interactions akin to conversing with a colleague. This robust AI tool can produce a wide array of content on command, dramatically cutting down your content creation time and effort.

High-quality content at your command

Input a prompt into Blocks AI and witness it create compelling blog posts, detailed pages, structured lists, and comprehensive tables – all tailored to your specific needs.

Adaptive Tone Adjustment

Perfectly match your text’s tone to your desired style with Blocks Ai. Whether your goal is a formal or conversational tone, Blocks Ai adapts accordingly.

Content Streaming

Enjoy real-time content creation and editing for efficient and controlled content generation.

Translate Effortlessly

Break language barriers with AI-powered translations. Explore the apex of WordPress AI content tools.

Improve writing

Consider it as a one-click photo editor, but designed exclusively for your words.

Choose a pricing plan

Have the concept? Build it in a minute

Unlimited Usage for free

Our plugin allows users the freedom to use their own Open AI API key



50 Credits


50,000 Tokens



250 Credits


250,000 Tokens



500 Credits


500,000 Tokens


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Blocks AI

Is my API key stored by Blocks AI?

No, We do not store any API keys provided by our users, as we understand the sensitivity and importance of this information. Your API key is only used to authenticate your requests and ensure that you have access to our services. We take the privacy and security of our users very seriously and strive to maintain the highest standards of data protection.

Does Blocks AI require payment to use?

While Blocks AI is currently in beta, there is no charge to use our platform with your own OpenAI API. However, we are planning to introduce a paid version of our service in the future, which will include outstanding features

How can I determine the number of tokens consumed?

Yes, we show the token usage for every prompt to ensure full transparency and help you manage your account usage efficiently.

Can I use Blocks Ai for Copywriting?

Absolutely, you can use Blockx AI for Copywriting. Whether you are looking to generate compelling headlines, persuasive marketing copy, or engaging product descriptions, Blocks AI can help you produce quality written content quickly and efficiently.